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Mobile Skip bins

A convenient alternative to traditional skip bins

A mobile skip is a relatively new type of waste disposal alternative that has certain very useful characteristics and is recommended in many cases over a conventional skip bin.

Mobile Skip Bin Hire

A mobile skip is very similar to a front lift bin such as you commonly see in loading docks for recyclable waste. It is mounted on wheels and is towed behind a light commercial vehicle rather than being carried on a truck like a skip bin.

The key advantages of a mobile skip are:

  • Can be placed under carports, in garages and parking stations
  • Can be padlocked to prevent unauthorised dumping by passersby
  • Does not mark decorative driveways
  • Can be placed on the street without the need of a council permit (subject to compliance with parking regulations)

Mobile skips are very good for functions , fares and other events as they are more presentable than a conventional skip, can be closed to prevent rubbish from blowing out and additionally, unlike a normal skip they can be used for food waste with prior agreement (if bagged).

We have found mobile skips to be very popular of placement in shared parking in apartment buildings as they fit easily into a single car space. They are also very commonly used for office cleanouts and if need be the driver can perform a "wait-and-go" service in which he will stand by while the skip is loaded and take it way again without the need to leave it onsite.

Not suitable where...

There are certain situations where a mobile skip may be less unsuitable or less suitable than a conventional skip bin.

These included:

  • Where more than two wheelbarrows of heavy waste such as bricks, concrete, soil, sand, tiles, rocks or turf are going to be disposed of
  • Where long items that can't be broken down or cut need to be placed in the skip
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Gold Coast
  • NSW Central Coast

If you contact us before midday, in most cases we can have your skip bin delivered to you within 3 hours. Please note, Fridays are the busiest day so it is advisable to place any orders as early as possible.

We can often arrange for skips to be delivered and collected on the same day. You are unable to book this service online as we need to confirm driver availability, so please contact us at least one day prior in order to organise such services. Wait and go services can also be arranged in many cases where space is limited or where there is no space to leave a skip overnight.

Visit our new skip bin estimator page which can assist with estimation of the volume of skip bin you will require and the weight of the material.

Please read our skip placement page which explains clearly how a skip is placed and where you can place it in different situations. and in some cases we can provide an alternative such as to a conventional skip bin such a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.

Many inner city areas have restrictions on where you can put skip bins, or require a permit for placement on the footpath, nature strip or roadway. We can advise you of the regulations in your council area. In many cases we can obtain any required permit for you.

In many cases where a permit would be required for skip bins, we can provide an alternative to a conventional skip bin such as a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.